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  • A while ago I was working on a Ruby on Rails project which had to replace (or better sidestep and extend) an existing web application.

  • When looking at documentation about technical topics I like reading a lot more than a looking at a video. Especially when I’m dealing with reference information or how-tos about some technology. It’s a lot easier to just get back at written documentation or reference it from emails or blog posts. I can even copy and paste code if I need to.

  • “Hey, have you heard what happened to Newbie inc.?”. Tom looked worried saying this.

  • I’ve always liked to explain the things that I do and how I do them. I tend to be pedantic when I’m asked about something I know about (and sometimes also if nobody asks me…). But while I had this blog for a lot of time I’ve never been able to write much on it. Some sort of writer’s block got in the way, or perhaps, I wasn’t sure what to write about, so I let it languish.