Measurence is the intelligence platform for retailers: it’s like web analytics for physical stores. It uses basic location information from shoppers’ cell phones to discover their retail stores visiting behavior. Tracking a simple, non-personal feature of every smartphone we can extract data such as traffic, conversion, loyalty, engagement, and more. The challenge with this data is to present it as actionable informations for the store owners and we do this through narrative and visualizations.

GEDI Classifieds: GEDI is one of the biggest publishing groups in Italy and these represent a strategic online business for GEDI: Annunci, Miojob, Enti e Tribunali, Necrologie. These online properties are similar in scope and are roughly classified verticals integrating informations from multiple sources with editorial content. All of these apps include multiple import and export flows (partner uploads, APIs, integrations) and operators backends to help the company manage content, control inbound data, handle customer support and perform all of the backoffice tasks required.

Edgesense is an attempt at making tools for social network analysis accessible to all those that could gain the most from them but maybe did not yet know their potential. Through the dashboard community managers can for the first time see in a glimpse who is talking to who, which users are central to the community and those who are on the periphery. They can see which sub-communities are developing inside the larger online conversation and who is acting as a bridge between them. (Edgesense was developed with Wikitalia for the CATALYST project on collective intelligence)